Location/Parking/Late Policy

The Rockefeller Center

4671 30th Street

San Diego, Ca 92116

Our studio is NOT visible from the street because we are BEHIND the Air Conditioned Lounge


Our studio is NOT visible from the street because we are BEHIND the Air Conditioned Lounge BUT WE ARE VERY EASY TO FIND

Your GPS will end in front of the Air Conditioned Lounge on 30th St

Continue straight on 30th towards Adams Ave

Turn RIGHT onto Adams Ave

Immediately turn RIGHT into the alley way

Park in the 2nd parking lot on your RIGHT

Look for WOOD walls and potted plants with signs that say The Rockefeller Center

// 2nd ENTRANCE//

If you decide to park on 30th St, you should use our 2nd entrance RIGHT NEXT TO the Air Conditioned Lounge on 30th. It is a brown metal gate with a key pad entrance. The code to open the gate in: 6 7 1 X

// Late Policy //

If parking in the alley is full, it is still YOUR responsibility to arrive on time for your appt. The streets surrounding our building have plenty of free and metered street parking for you.

North Park can be a busy area especially in the evenings, on the weekends, during special events and holidays. It's important to keep this in mind when you have an appt. So, please give yourself plenty of time to find parking and arrive for your appt on time

Waxing Appts

I have a 5 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD for all waxing appts. This means that you must be in my studio and ready to start waxing within 5 minutes of your original appt time

If you arrive AFTER the allotted 5 minutes, I'll be happy to reschedule you at my next available time. This is so your appt doesn't interfere with my next client's appt. This applies even if my next client hasn't arrived yet for their appt

Facial Appts

If you arrive late for your facial appt no extra time can be added to your appt and your facial will have to be shortened or rescheduled. I will happily do my best to provide all the services of my facials but some may have to be cut short or taken out entirely to accommodate for time.

I understand how important YOUR TIME is because MY TIME is also important. Please respect the time that I allow for your appts as well as my other clients.

I want to provide the best service possible for my clients and that is why I have this late policy set in place. Thank you so much for your continued support.